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Introducing Logsit 1.2: CSV export, reminders badge and check-in counts

David Yates

Some long requested features in this update!

CSV export
We know that some of you love to play with data. Now you can export your Logsit data in CSV format for viewing in Excel and lots of other tools. You can find the export feature under the general app settings. 

Improved access to reminders
We’ve added an app icon badge so it’s now possible to see the number of outstanding reminders from your iPhone home screen (you can turn this off in Logsit’s general app settings if you prefer). We’ve also made the reminders list quicker to access by adding a tab at the top of your home screen (archived actions are now accessed from the general app settings). 

Total check-in count
Lots of you wanted an easy way to see the total number of check-ins for each action, we’ve therefore added this to all of the actions on your home screen.

Shiny new icon
We couldn’t resist giving it a lick of paint. Hope you like it!

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To download Logsit 1.2 now, visit the iTunes Store. Enjoy!

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