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10 great iPhone apps for parents

David Yates

As both parents and developers we've come to really appreciate some of the apps that are available to make life a little bit easier and more pleasant. Below, we've listed ten of our favourites that other parents might also find useful. 

1) Umano
This is a hidden gem of the app store. When you have a ton of housework to do, it can feel like your brain is slowly withering away. Umano is a free service that lets you listen to the latest articles from top news outlets and blogs. The quality of the audio is excellent, with Umano attracting some great quality announcers. All you need to do is download the app, plug in some headphones and catch up with the news or any interests you have. (Free)


2) Zeebox
Whether you need a movie to keep the kids occupied or something you can wind down to in the evening, Zeebox is a great tool to find what you want. You can customise the list of channels by choosing your region, whether you have access to HD and getting rid of any channels you don’t like. You can also book reminders for TV shows and films to watch. (Free: UK)


3) OurGroceries
Creates simple shopping lists that sync across devices so you and your partner can avoid missing items or duplicating purchases. The best bit about this is that one of you can update the shopping list even whilst the other person is at the shop. (Free)


4) Squarespace Note
Launches super fast with the keyboard open ready to type. When you need to get a random note down quickly, this is a very handy app. No accounts required, no folders, no lists of options, just fast simple note taking. A particularly handy feature is that you can have your completed notes sent directly to your email inbox which is useful if the note is something that needs urgent attention. (Free)


5) Fantastical 2
The best thing about Fantastical is that it brings together your iPhone’s calendar events and reminders into one app. It also improves on the basic layout of the iPhone’s default calendar, placing much more emphasis on your events. (UK, US)


6) Annabel's Essential Guide To Feeding Your Baby & Toddler
This app brings Annabel Karmel’s excellent baby and toddler recipes to the iPhone, giving step-by-step instructions, meal planners, shopping lists and more. An excellent alternative to the Annabel Karmel books. The shopping list feature works offline too which is super sweet! (UK, US)


7) Ocado
The advantages of avoiding a stressful trip to the supermarket with children are not to be underestimated! Whilst you will normally have to pay for delivery, it’s important to remember that you save on fuel costs and can often shop more sensibly when in the comfort of your own home. Ocado is our pick of the apps in terms of features and ease of use, but the benefits are essentially the same whichever store you choose. (Free - UK)


8) Baby and Child First Aid by British Red Cross
Simple, clear text and videos to help you deal with most first aid situations. Super fast and runs offline too. Who knows, it could end up being the most important app you ever download. (Free - UK)


9) Cineworld
The cinema can be fun for parents and children and doesn’t have to cost the earth: weekend morning tickets can cost as little as a pound. Cineworld’s app lets you browse screenings, book tickets and add them to the Passbook app on your iPhone. This means you won’t even need a physical ticket at most outlets and can dodge the queues completely - a very welcome benefit when you’ve got restless kids with you. (Free - UK)


10) Logsit
One thing you notice when you first have kids is how much repetition there is and how important it can be to keep track of things. Baby feeds, medicine, nappy changes, homework, cleaning out guinea pigs: it never seems to end. Our very own app Logsit helps you keep track of how long it's been since you last did something with a simple swipe; it also enables you to add notes, reminders and photos if you like. It’s built by parents who know that you’ve often only got one hand to spare so it’s super fast and easy to use too! (Free)