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28 clever uses for your smartphone camera

David Yates


A smartphone camera is one of the most useful tools at your disposal. Obviously, it allows you to capture treasured moments with family and friends, but there are tonnes of other great reasons to take a picture. We designed our iPhone app Logsit to be a handy companion to your camera, allowing you to keep an organised record of everything from symptoms to haircuts or even wines you've tried. Below we've compiled some smart uses for your smartphone camera, highlighting with a * those that you might want to try in Logsit.

  1. Keep a record of something you’re disassembling so you can see how to put it back together.
  2. Snap a photo of your car mileage for expenses claims.*
  3. Remember where you parked.
  4. Take a photo of what’s in your fridge before you go shopping.
  5. Take a copy of whiteboard notes
  6. Record the packaging when you replace guitar strings so you can buy them again or avoid them in future.*
  7. Remember your hotel room number.
  8. Copy important information like interview letters or travel documents so you won’t lose them. 
  9. Photograph business cards instead of filling up your wallet.
  10. Keep track of books you want to read or books you have finished.*
  11. Take a picture of your loft or basement so you can see what’s up there without getting dusty.
  12. If you miss a class, take a photo of a friend’s notes so you can catch up without inconveniencing them.
  13. Get a copy of the packaging for any important medicines you’re taking.
  14. Remember who borrowed your book, electric drill or DVD.*
  15. If you have a bump with another car, it can be handy for all parties to have a photograph (after you’re sure everyone is safe, of course).
  16. Get advice on a DIY problem by sending a picture to a knowledgeable friend.
  17. If you’ve hurt yourself or have a mole you’re concerned about, keep a photographic record (you should of course also visit your doctor if you’re at all concerned).*
  18. Photograph the product codes and aisle numbers at Ikea instead of using the tiny pencils.
  19. Grab your gas and electricity meter readings with one quick photo.*
  20. View dark or hard to reach places.
  21. Receipts!
  22. If you need to check your appearance and don’t have a mirror, your camera is the next best thing.
  23. Keep a record of new wines or beers that you’ve tried.*
  24. Take a photo of your kids when you go out. If they get lost, you'll have an up to date record of what they look like and what they’re wearing.
  25. If you’re not sure about some clothes you’re trying on, send a picture to a friend to get an opinion.
  26. Photograph a room before you go to buy furniture for it.
  27. Take a picture of a plant each time you repot it; include care instructions if the plant is new.*
  28. Photograph a battery, light bulb or tool before you head to the shops to buy a replacement.

Whether you're a Logsit user or not, we hope you find the list useful. Let us know how you’re using your smartphone camera in the comments below.