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Introducing Logsit 1.1: quick check-ins, archiving and design improvements

David Yates

Version 1.0 was a useful shakedown for the app. We learned that people love having a way to keep track of unscheduled, recurring events. We learned that Logsit is intuitive and easy to use. And we learned that our users have a ton of ideas for how we can improve it. We’ve been working hard to fit as many of your requests into the new build as possible, whilst also including lots of other design and usability improvements. Here’s what’s new in the latest build!

Quick check-in 
Your most requested feature by far! You can now long-swipe an action to quickly check-in if you don’t need to add notes or a photo. 

If you want to remove an action but would rather not delete it, you now have the option to archive. Archiving removes the action from your main list and disables reminders and check-ins. All of your data is preserved and viewable in the same way and, of course, you can unarchive an action at any time.

We’ve made design and readability improvements right across the app, removing visual clutter where possible and placing more emphasis on quick access to information. In particular, the timeline view for actions now displays your notes in full and larger photo previews so you can see more of your activity at a glance.

Easier access to action settings
It’s now faster and easier to change titles, fiddle with reminders and delete, share and archive your actions. All of these tools are available by swiping the action to the left. As before, you can still access these settings via the timeline.

Logsit ideas
The Logsit Store can now be found under the ‘+’ button on your homepage. We’ve made lots of improvements to store navigation and added rankings so you can see the popularity of the various actions. 

Save to camera roll
Any new photos you add are now saved to your camera roll by default. This can be turned off in the app settings.

As ever, please keep the feedback coming so we can ensure we’re focussing on the tools and improvements that matter to you.

To download Logsit 1.1 now, visit the iTunes Store. Enjoy!

Best wishes,

The Logsit Team